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Welcome to MILES BEYOND, the web's premier resource on the influential and inspirational electric music Miles Davis played from 1967 to 1991. It is related to its namesake, the only book containing an in-depth exploration and analysis of Miles' entire electric period, covering almost half his recording career, that's based on the testimonies of the musicians who worked with him. This web site offers samples from the book, as well as much additional, mostly exclusive material, including news updates, photographs, memorabilia, and a massive 50.000 words of in-depth articles.


Palle Mikkelborg "While reading, I felt so close to the man, that tears came to my eyes: 'My God, what a full life, in all its aspects.' I think Paul Tingen has written a fantastic book, and I'm very pleased by his sensitive and true version of Aura and the Copenhagen sessions."
- PALLE MIKKELBORG, trumpeter and composer.

Jo Gelbard"Astonishing... I have no adequate words for this... It's all so I'm back in the room with him... Miles Beyond is more like him than the autobiography...
- JO GELBARD, companion and artistic collaborator of Miles Davis, 1986-1991.

Ken Wilber"An extraordinary book, brilliant in its conception and delivery, about one of the great musical geniuses of our times. Highly recommended."
- KEN WILBER, one of American's premier philosophers and best-selling author of A Brief History of Everything; Sex, Ecology, Spirituality; and One Taste.

"Miles Beyond is the most insightful and powerful book on Miles Davis I have read, and I've read everything--not just the Electric Era. I started reading it the evening I bought it and couldn't put it down. I went to bed at 4:00 am the next morning. Thank you for your epic portrait of a divine, tortured genius."

"The most important book on Miles Davis ever."

"An exhaustive, judicious and immensely helpful new study of Davis' electric work. This fascinating, 400-page tome is not only readable, but a must-have for any serious student of Davis.... [it] steers your attention directly to the radiant heart of the music it so passionately describes."

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The hardcover edition of Miles Beyond was published by Billboard Books, a Watson Guptill imprint, in New York in 2001, ISBN: 0-8230-8346-2. The paperback edition was published in September 2003, ISBN: 0-8230-8360-8. Since the end of 2006 Miles Beyond has been out of print, and new copies are only available via this site.


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