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Welcome on the Miles Beyond Order/Contact page. You can contact me here, order the book, my CD, and if you appreciate this site, make a donation. In due course I'll also set up a guestbook, a discussion page, a blog, and other interactive stuff...

If you have feedback, queries, comments, feel welcome to e-mail me. For my e-mail address:

put whatisay and then @ in front of

(please note that the speak/tingen/mail addresses are now defunkt. Too much spam!)

Below you can order exclusive signed copies of Miles Beyond, for 99.95 euro, plus 5 euro P&P. At the time of writing (September 2020) I have only a handful of books left and elsewhere prices for new copies have gone through the roof: I've seen the book on offer for 350 euros! So I'm now putting my very last copies up for sale for 99.95 euro, also bearing in mind that you get a signed copy, and support the author without any money going to middle men. Do alert me if you don't want me to sign the book or want it dedicated to else.

If you'd like to download May The Road Rise To Meet You, rather than buy the CD, please visit my personal site, I don't by default sign the CD. Stipulate if you want it signed, as it means that I'll have to take off the plastic wrapper with sticker.

Miles Beyond cover

Miles Beyond, paperback, signed
99.95 euro plus 5 euro shipping 

May The Road Rise To Meet You

May The Road Rise To Meet You, audio CD by Paul Tingen, 8.99 euro plus 2 euro shipping
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Henry Denander: Miles Trumpet 

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Why Miles Beyond is out of print and new copies of the book are only obtainable via this site.

In late 2006, Watson-Guptill Publications, who published the hardback version of Miles Beyond in 2001 and the paperback version in 2003, rather than embark on a new print-run, offered me a "print on demand" service. This meant that the book would be printed in small amounts as demand arose. Given that the company had done a poor job of promoting and distributing the book, I decided to take the alternative option, which was to buy part of the remaining stock and allow the book to go out of print so that the rights revert back to me. As a result, I'm now selling the book via this web site, of recent for prices well below the cheapest prices that Amazon sellers charge for new copies, plus you get to support the author, rather than big buck companies. So buy your signed copy here!

My aim is to have an updated version of the book (re-)published by a publisher who understands that electric Miles appeals as much to jazz lovers as to the rock 'n roll world, and beyond. Despite the fact that Miles Beyond was written for a general audience (and I'm told it's an interesting read even for those who don't particularly care for Miles!) WG stuck my book in the same small jazz ghetto that Miles fought so hard to get out of. So any publishers out there who think that they can promote a new version of the book to a much wider audience, please do contact me.

"Miles Beyond is a fabulous piece of work. I now want a permanent reference copy to check out when I'm playing the music. It's already helped me to better understand On The Corner and I'm looking forward to listening again to all the others, with added perception and understanding. For me, you've achieved for Miles' music the same as Ian MacDonald did for The Beatles with his book Revolution In The Head."
- Jon Hawtin, Solihull, UK.

"Miles Beyond is one of the most important books about Miles ever to be published and will forever be an indispensable source of information for anyone interested in the life and music of Miles: Miles fans, musicians, music students, scholars, researchers, and so on."
- George Cole, author of The Last Miles, an excellent session-by-session book about Miles' 1980-91 period.

About the request for donations: Miles Beyond, the web site, has been on-line and all its contents entirely free since 2001. It will remain free, but it does take substantial time and money to maintain. So if you enjoy this site, please consider making a donation, it will be greatly appreciated! Perhaps imagine how much you'd be willing to pay for any of the articles on this site if you bought a magazine in a shop. Or think of it, as it's said on some sites, as a tip :)

About May The Road Rise To Meet You: Perhaps a bad sales pitch, but first a word of warning: despite the fact that people like John McLaughlin love this CD (see below), it won't necessarily appeal to fans of electric Miles. It's not electric and owes almost nothing to jazz or improvised music. Basically 80% of it is me on one acoustic guitar playing pieces that are fairly classical in form, with references to folk, rock, and avant-garde classical music. Miles' influence is there in the often gritty harmonies. McLaughlin likes it because he feels it embodies the essence of Zen. So if you love Miles' more ambient side (In A Silent Way, "He Loved Him Madly") you may like it too. The recommendations below speak for themselves, and you can listen to samples here... . Also, I'm currently in the process of recording a 2nd CD called Metamorphosis, which should be available in 2008.

"Tingen has discovered a new approach to music in general, and the guitar in particular. I am very impressed with the lucidity with which Tingen is able to communicate his concepts. Through a seemingly simple manner, and with only an acoustic guitar, Tingen is able to reveal new dimensions in music."
- John McLaughlin, composer and guitarist.

"Highly enjoyable. One of those rare guitar albums that is about the music and not about guitar technique. As such it will speak to everyone, and not just to guitarists. May The Road Rise To Meet You is very musical and has a strong and relaxing atmosphere that fills up the whole space."
- Phil Manzanera, guitarist, producer and founding member of Roxy Music.

"I feel inspired by the way Paul Tingen has used the guitar to get across - communicate - his music. It's so refreshing to hear a guitarist who sees music as the most important part, not using his obvious mastery of the instrument to impress, but to tell a story."
- Martin Taylor, jazz guitarist.

"Good music is undeniable. Tingen pours forth tasteful elixirs of atmospheric, melodic pieces which encourage conscious breathing. The music takes the listener to wide-open spaces where the breath is clear and free. I would recommend this music as being functional for the following activities: meditation, relaxation, dinner parties, house cleaning, nurturing your plants, reading or studying, writing, driving, painting, and perhaps even, love-making."
- Robert Irving III, keyboardist, composer, producer, former Miles sideman, and writer, The Chicago Firefly, May 2000.

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